Talking About Alzheimer’s through Glen Campbell

He won a Grammy and got nominated for an Oscar for his song ‘I’m not gonna miss you’ in the category of the most original song this year. However, this comes amid sad news that Glen Campbell is in a home in Nashville mainly due to his Alzheimer’s disease. However, Glen Campbell has enjoyed a steady career over the years.

Glen Campbell

40th Anniversary for the Rhinestone Cowboy

Rhinestone cowboy was not Glen Campbell’s first album but it was his bestselling and stayed at the top of the 100 list during its time. To commemorate its success and Glen’s retirement from public life, there was a 40th Anniversary release of Glen Campbell’s famous and most successful Rhinestone cowboy album. This album contains an expanded version of the original with five bonus tracks. It also includes a track that has never been released though it was written in 1975. The song is named Quits and is a bittersweet ballad talking of a love end coinciding with Glen Campbell deteriorating health.

The film about Glen Campbell and the Alzheimer’s disease

Last year a documentary was made with Glen Campbell’s family and Glen: Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me.The film has focused on the issue at hand; Alzheimer’s which affects a large number of people over the age of 65. Glen was diagnosed with the disease in 2011. His family says that the film helped them cope with the disease that affected their loved one. It also made them continue with the conversation on Alzheimer’s and more so brings the issue to the limelight. The documentary is full of music, fun and has been described as both heart-breaking and uplifting.

Wrangles within the family

Like any other normal family, Glen Campbell’s family are already fighting not even a year since the legend was hospitalized. Two of his kids claim that his wife Kim Campbell is not taking good care of their father in managing his disease and is keeping the rest of the family away from him. The issue about making the documentary and allowing recording of their father while at the care home when the disease is at advanced stage was also mentioned. This they could not talk out and had to go to court.

However Glen Campbell is not the only star to have been diagnosed with the disease in the recent past. Donald Sterling and Malcom Young, the co-founder of AC/DC rock band and guitarist were also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Charles Bronson the Star Wish star and former president Ronald Reagan died of Alzheimer’s.

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Exercise Your Way Back to Shape With Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Exercising can be a hassle for many people. Going to the gym or taking a jog is frowned upon. Sweat and muscle spasms are the first thing that comes to mind for most non-friendly gym goers. It is the few handfuls who enjoy the burn of exercising. The gym can get crowded at times and the machines may not be fully functional at times. Setting up your own gym or having a few exercise machines at home does no harm in getting back into shape like Celerity does.

Dumbbells, exercise videos, or an exercise bike are a few of the things you can invest in to get that sculpted body you have been working towards for a while now. Exercise machine manufacturer Schwinn Fitness has designed two recumbent exercise bikes that fit all your home fitness needs and work like a charm. They have released the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike and the Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike. These two recumbent exercise bikes work like a charm.

recumbent bikes for fitness

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike comes in black or grey. It has a monitoring system that allows has thirteen varying display pointers. The pointers are placed on a LCD window system. Its stylish design offers a modern and effective way of tracking your development on the fitness aims that you want to achieve. Even though most exercise bikes offer zero comfort. The 270 Recumbent Bike provides a calm and casual workout with its back seat that has a big opening to allow you to breathe as you ride your bike. It also has a bottom seat that is firm and has leg room enough for you to rest or get relief in between sets.

To ensure that you never get bored of the same routine, it comes with 29 programs and four operator settings. It has quick keys that can change the exercise training from easy to hard at a push of a button. To provide a full exercise routine, the bike has fully installed speakers, a fan with different speed settings and a water bottle holder.

Getting a full body workout is essential because with a full body work you are assured that no body part is getting more attention than another. The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike does exactly that. It has 22 loaded programs that you can scroll through with its 10 instant touch controls. You don’t need a heart rate monitor with this exercise bike. It has a hand monitor conveniently placed that tracks your heart rate during training. It has more or less the same features as the 270 model with only a few tweaks added to it.

Get yourself a tried and tested Schwinn Recumbent Exercise Bike and enjoy a healthy and energetic existence all from the comfort of your own home. The Schwinn 270 and 230 Recumbent Exercise Bikes work like a charm to get you that healthy body you so desire. Through Schwinn Fitness’ exceptional quality design and groundbreaking exercise product manufacturing you can be sure that getting into shape will take you a hop, skip and a jump!

Celebrity With Best Body

It is not a secret anymore that celebrities seem to be craving for media attention as well as fan recognition. That is why a number of them go for surgeries to exhibit the best possible body yet. It also explains why a number of them strip naked at the slightest opportunity during photo shoots. A nice body can only be described in the best adjectives when it is made visible. Then again, being an actor or a singer has its demands. Part of the gig is to always look great from head to toe each minute of the day. This sounds tough, but for a Hollywood celebrity, one has to be in top shape, with a physique that captivates the masses and sends tongues wagging.

There are numerous celebrities with best bodies, making it difficult for fans to decide on whom to consider the overall winner. At the same time, the stars are trying their best to hit the headlines all the times. After every successful alteration, they go splashing semi-nude or nude photos of their physique to gauge public rating or approval. This has however not helped much as every fan has their preference when it comes to the celebrity with best body. And almost every day, each star spots a different look.

Among celebrities touted as having the best bodies is Kim Kardashian (though Kim Kardashian’s body isn’t natural). The musician loves media attention with her sexy dance moves. Most of the times, she is clad in revealing garments to expose her appealing physique. Angelina Jolie has been in the spotlight as well.

Kim Kardashian

Then there is Trina with her captivating shape, not forgetting Nichole Kidman despite her age. When it comes to choice of best Hollywood bodies, everyone seems to be in disagreement with the other. The most delicate part again is; who is natural and who is not. Megan Fox plastic surgery to improve her brow and lips to make her outstanding cannot be ignored. (Source – Mind blowing world)

All the same, celebrities have to work towards their looks, don’t they?

While at it, when asked about tricks used to keep the body looking chic, plenty of superstars are wont to admit they actually had one or more procedures. All, with the exception of a few, give the usual testimonies. It is either a good diet advised by the doctor, or plenty of exercise to tone down the excess fat. On very few occasions do celebrities admit openly they had an alteration to the face, bottoms, boobs or tummy. But the ever curious eyes of fans never stop to recognize any slight change on a star. And each time there is a surgeon at hand to confirm the rumors.

Most stars talk about healthy food as the reason for a great body. A good number say the most probable diet to help keep the body in top shape is one packed with more fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats that help an individual feel fuller yet providing fewer calories. After a healthy meal, an exercise comes next. It is true a variety of celebrities sweat at the gyms to avoid getting excess fat in forbidden areas. Quite a number have home gyms to work-out anytime they wish. But truth is, most have had plastic surgeries.

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Stuffy Nose Home Remedies for Adults

Knowing the efficient stuffy nose home remedies for adults may be very important in the life of an individual. Stuffy nose may be very irritating and may make one very uncomfortable. Nasal congestion or stuffy nose most commonly occurs when the tissues that line the passages of the nose become swollen. This often happen as a result of inflated blood vessels. The blood vessels may arise from a number of factors among them, colds, flu and allergies. It may also be caused by irritants such as tobacco, petroleum fumes and many other irritating factors. Stuffy nose may or may not include mucus discharge depending on the cause. Besides the adults and the older children, it may also affect the infants, and may cause serious health problems to them.

There are some home remedies that may be able to provide relief from stuffy nose. Eucalyptus oil is one very common remedy for a stuffy nose. It is used as an ingredient in many chest rubs and decongestants. When inhaled, it helps clear the nasal passages. Making your own eucalyptus oil inhaler is pretty easy.

Stuffy Nose Home Remedies

All you have to do is to fill with cotton a small plastic vial. Add to the cotton a few drops of eucalyptus oil then replace the cap. Anytime you have a stuffy nose you just take off the cap and inhale deeply two or three times. You may also put some eucalyptus oil in hot boiling water and inhale the vapor deeply. You may also put the oil in a steamy bath and inhale deeply while bathing.

One may also use honey to clear a stuffy nose. A hot fluid of lemon and honey just does the trick. After preparing the brew, you need to take at least eight glasses of the fluid daily. You may also add the honey to hot tea before taking it. You must however ensure that you stay properly hydrated. Hot drinks are usually preferable for people with stuffy nose. Hot drinks typically have a more intense taste than cold ones. It is this taste which stimulates the flow of mucus and saliva. This afterwards soothes the nose and may help clear bacteria and reduce the risks of viruses.

To reduce the stuffiness of the nose, one may also apply cold or hot packs across the bridge of the nose. It may however not help much but it costs nothing and poses no health risk therefore does no harm trying. Doing it is pretty simple. Creating a hot or cold pack may be done using the items you have at home.

For a cold pack, you may use a bag of frozen peas or vegetables and wrap it around the nasal bridge. To make a hot pack, all you have to do is to dip a towel in hot water. Wring it and apply it across the nose. These are some of the easiest methods one can use to get rid of a stuffy nose. They are natural and you will not have to visit a hospital to get relieved.